Reconditioned Pallets

Reconditioned Pallets

Pine Products Limited has over 30 years’ experience re-conditioning used pallets and is committed to recycling pallets wherever possible.

We will collect sort and grade used pallets with the aim of repairing as many pallets as possible. Pallets beyond economical repair are stripped of reusable components, all waste wood is recycled with zero to landfill.

Recycling & Reconditioning Of Used Pallets

For customers who have their used pallets returned, we will collect, repair and return for re-use, delivering savings on reduced volume of new pallets and reduced packaging waste obligation fees, whilst ensuring commitment to the environment.

Pine Products Limited is registered with the Environment agency as an upper tier waste carrier.

Pallet Recycling

Pine Products Limited has a zero waste to landfill policy.

Waste timbers are recycled in to, woodchip for animal bedding, power generation, chipboard manufacture and kindling for use in stoves and wood burners.

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